• I am a registered psychodynamic psychotherapist with over 22 years experience working in the NHS and private practice. My way of working is based in Object Relations Theory. I work in the transference, bringing into the here and now ....

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  • Group Analysis is a form of therapy that specialises in understanding and treating problems in groups.

    The benefit of this form of therapy is that it strengthens and enriches the therapeutic experience for all the individuals in the group. Each member gains from listening to and being heard by others in a safe and supportive environment.

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  • These include :

    • Working with complex trauma & PTSD
    • Working with Military Veterans
    • Childhood Sexual Abuse
    • Depression

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  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy is aimed at helping an individual talk about and look at their present problems and help them make sense of these through becoming more aware of the processes behind them and through looking at the links between present and past experience. The therapist helps a person understand their difficulties better.

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  • One in five families affected by 'estrangement'

    Around one in ten people will become cut off from their families at some point in their lives...That's according to new Ipsos Mori statistics which estimate one in five families are affected by estrangement. .... click here to watch my ITN News Interview.


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