• Vivienne Harte Biography

    Whatever your reason for seeking counselling or psychotherapy, talking in a professional and confidential setting can help you uncover what lies behind your difficult feelings or recurring patterns of behaviour and explore what it means to change and how to achieve this. You can contact me via telephone or email and we can have an initial conversation to see if you would like to arrange a consultation to meet with me to discuss what is concerning you.

    I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist and group analyst and offer both individual and group based therapies.

    I work part-time in the NHS and have over 22 years experience as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Group Analyst both in the NHS and in private practice. I offer evidence-based psychological therapies for a wide range of emotional, relational and behavioural difficulties. I am trained in a range of therapeutic approaches, which means that I am able to consider a persons difficulties and work in a way that best suits their individual needs and in a safe, secure and non-judgmental environment.

    Some of the issues that people come to me with include anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, childhood trauma, PTSD, personality difficulties. Some come for therapy because they have lost a sense of meaning in their lives and are seeking greater fulfillment. You may have difficulty in concentrating in work or have an inability to form satisfactory relationships. Or you may repeat destructive patterns of behaviour in your relationships causing you to sabotage them when things seemed to be going well, or leading you to stay in unhealthy relationships because you fear being alone.

    A good deal of the work I do is about enabling someone to feel they are a person in their own right and are respected for who they are and not for what they do, and to undo any experience of feeling shamed.

    I usually meet individuals for two assessment sessions with at least one week gap in-between before we decide together whether psychodynamic therapy may be a helpful treatment option for them and if we can work together. Sessions last for 50 minutes.


    For consultations in my private practice in Forres, Moray, or to arrange a consultation to discuss online individual or group therapy form anywhere in the UK please call me on 07917 194885 or send an email