Does everyone have the same problem?
People in the groups come with a variety of issues often concerning family, relationships, work, social concerns, anxiety, loss, bereavement, depression or a wish to have a better life.

What happens if I know someone in the group?
This is a common worry but rarely happens.  Every effort is made to ensure you don’t know the other group members.

Is there an agenda or set topic for each group?
Group members can talk about anything that comes to mind, past or present, including what is happening in the group.

How can I be sure that what I say will not be taken outside the group?
Group members agree to respect the confidential space that the group offers on the understanding that confidentiality is an important part of creating a sense of safety.

How do I know whether a group or individual therapy would be more suitable to me?
A group provides a greater sense of belonging, and the opportunity to share both our strengths and our difficulties with others is highly valued.  People often feel alone in their distress and learning that others share similar problems is of great importance.

What if I find the idea of talking in front of others too daunting?
Many people worry about this, but then experience a sense of relief when they join a group and find that others have struggled with this concern but have found a way to overcome it.  It takes time, you have to pace yourself.